Asian Wedding Makeup – How to Achieve the Best Look with Asian Wedding Day Makeup

Asian Wedding Makeup - How to Achieve the Best Look with Asian Wedding Day Makeup
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Before you walk down the aisle, you should know what type of Asian wedding makeup will work well for you. You have to understand the fact that unlike Europeans and Americans, Asians are very diversified. There do have a variety of skin tones. Those in Eastern Asia possess lighter skin tones than those living in Southeast Asia.

They also have different eyes. Chinese are well-known for their very small chinky eyes, Indonesians for their deep-set eyes, and Malaysians for their round eyes.

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Before we go into more intimate and specific details on Asian wedding makeup, specifically Indian and Chinese, here are general tips first.

One of the first things you should do is to prepare the skin. Make sure that it’s healthy and is capable of getting colored by various skin care products on your big day. This may mean visiting salons and having facial spas and scar removal. You may also want to treat skin conditions such as warts and acne. You can also consider diamond peel to eliminate pimples and scars.

Then you have to choose the right makeup colors for your skin. If you want to get the best answers, look for a stylist. He or she can also do your Asian wedding hair, so your hairstyle and makeup complement each other. Usually, though, you want to add color to your skin. Hence, if you possess whiter complexion, it’s ideal if you can go for a bit darker shade. (Don’t go overboard to avoid looking like a clown.) You can also match your makeup on your Asian wedding wear.

It’s very rare for Asians to have blue or green eyes. They have brown eyes. Thus, makeup tips for brown eyes will be highly recommended. This means you play around the brown and other matted colors. You can also go for blue and purple. If you want something more natural, stick with the shades of brown.

Indian Wedding Makeup

Here’s what you do for Asian wedding makeup for Indians. Indians have darker complexion, but they have extremely beautiful skin and attractive eyes. You may want to focus on that. Most of the weddings are usually held during the summer, so it’s important that the skin is properly exfoliated to allow the pores to open properly, allowing the bride to feel fresher.

The makeup will depend on when the wedding is going to be held. If it’s in the daytime, it’s okay to settle for very light makeup, such as in the shades of pink. This is also recommended if you’re having many pieces of jewelry, which is a common practice in Indian weddings.

You should not forget the addition of a bindi or tika, which is worn by the bride at the center of her eyebrows.

Chinese Wedding Makeup

As mentioned, the Chinese have very small eyes. Hence, the challenge is how to make them bigger and more expressive through Asian wedding makeup looks You may want to utilize darker colors for the eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. However, you want to make the makeup quite lighter when the wedding is going to be at day. For this Asian wedding makeup, pair the darker shades with a light-colored lipstick.

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