Britney Spears Makeup Tips for a Dazzling Look

Britney Spears Makeup Tips for a Dazzling Look
Posted by Ameera

Want to look as dazzling as Britney Spears? Well, you can with these Britney Spears makeup tips. Britney has definitely matured from the teen pop idol a decade ago to Glam Mag’s Women of the Year some years back.

Britney Spears, Celebrities Makeup: Epitome of Truly Amazing Makeup

You can probably relate when I say that celebrity makeup is just the most perfect makeup styles there are! Knowing how to do them is one of the easiest ways for us “commoners” to feel exactly what it might be like to become a celebrity.

Britney Spears No Makeup

I’m pretty sure you are just as curious about how your favorite popstar princess really look like at home without those frills. Here is a photo of Britney spears without makeup side by side with another picture of the glam Britney. The features of Britney’s face are naturally pretty, but notice how much of her features are attractively highlighted with her makeup. This is the same effect that you will need to draw up.

Britney Spears Eye Makeup

Britney’s eye makeup is central to her look. If you look through Britney Spears make up in her pictures, you can immediately notice her perfectly beautiful eyes. Here are some Britney Spears makeup tips to achieve those pretty, highlighted eyes:

  • For the eyelids, apply a very light pearly, neutral shade on the lid. Frosty light to baby blue shades will also look great.
  • On your crease, apply a matte chocolate brown eyeshadow from corner to corner then blend well. For a wide-eyed look, you can apply the same shade on the outer third of your upper lid and your lashline, sweeping outwards. Blend well to achieve a dreamy but soft look.
  • As highlight, you can use a light pearly, neutral shade and apply very very lightly on your brow bone.
  • For your eyeliner, it is best to use a matte formula powder liner in light to medium brown. You can either apply dry or using a wet liner brush. Apply very thinly on top of your lashline from one corner to the other. What you want to achieve is a continuous thin line Toto 4D. Apply the same thin line on your lower lashline, and then trace a thin line around the inner corners of your eyes.
  • For the eyebrows, simply use a brow pencil to shape and fill in your brows.
  • Lastly, curl your upper lashes and coat both upper and lower eyelashes twice with a black mascara (preferably the strand thickening type).

Britney Spears Face Makeup

The key to achieving Britney’s face makeup is choosing the right shade of foundation and concealer. Britney generally uses creamy foundation with a rose or cherry colored brush applied to add natural glow. Britney’s glass smooth lips can be achieved by applying a rose or berry shade of lipstick that coordinates well with your blush.

If you notice, this pop idol’s makeup go well with the distinct Britney Spears hairstyles and fashion. Depending on what part of Britney you like best, do not hesitate to experiment on different styles. We hope these Britney Spears makeup tips will allow for a more confident, glamorous new you!

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