Why Use Pressed Mineral Powder

The pressed mineral powder is among the best selling cosmetic minerals today. What makes them so special, you might wonder. Well, for those who have


Why Use Pressed Mineral Powder

The pressed mineral powder is among the best selling cosmetic minerals today. What makes them so special, you might wonder. Well, for those who have just recently tuned in, a mineral powder foundation incorporate a concealer, a foundation, and a powder into one single cosmetic mineral.

Mineral powder makeups are excellent as they give your entire look an natural, unmatched finish. They are also light-weight and provide a good coverage to your skin. However, despite being an entirely novel mineral makeup line, mineral powders simply have one thing that makes it as amazing: its mineral content.

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Benefits of Pressed Mineral Powder

Pressed powders are among the world’s top-selling cosmetic items. They are the staple beauty product. Whether you are a makeup fanatic or not, you would probably have one of these in your bag.

However the problem with regular pressed powders is that they usually contain talc, oils, fragrances or other additives that can be a potential irritant to your skin. With mineral press powder types, this problem can be done away with.

These mineral powders also provide great coverage in your skin and do not give you a cakey, sticky appearance that traditional makeups do. All natural mineral pressed powders are made up of natural minerals such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

These minerals have calming and have healing effects on blemishes and pimples. They are great for all types of skin, even sensitive and acne-prone ones. As they are made up of fine, grounded natural minerals, the risk of clogging and allergies are minimized. Mineral cosmetics like these also provide natural protection from the harmful sun rays.

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Pressed Mineral Powder vs. Loose Mineral Powder

As you may already know, powders usually come in two forms: loose and pressed (sometimes cream form for foundations also exist). Are you torn whether to buy loose or pressed mineral powder? This should be easy.

The difference between pressed mineral powder and loose mineral powder is just similar to the difference that exists between regular pressed and loose powder.

Pressed mineral powders are face powder cake that is pressed right into a mirrored compact, along with a sponge or powder puff which are used for application. Loose mineral powders, on the other hand, are soft and fine and are applied through a fluffy brush.

The main advantage of getting a pressed mineral powder is its portability and convenience for touch ups. You can retouch your makeup anytime and anywhere, as the need arises.

A pressed powder may be best if you have dry skin and want to increase coverage. A loose powder, on the other hand, provides you with a very light-weight and sheer coverage – the feeling like you do not have any makeup on.

However, they are not as convenient for touch-ups as you would need at least your fluffy brush, your powder and a mirror separately.

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Choosing between loose or pressed mineral powder is not really difficult. They are both made of the same ingredients, they offer your skin the same advantages.

However, you may want to consider your lifestyle and choose based on what is most convenient for you. Whichever you choose, they would still give you the naturally, beautiful mineral make up look.

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