What Rehab Options Do Alcohol Addicts Have?

What Rehab Options Do Alcohol Addicts Have?
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If your loved one is addicted to alcohol, it’s critical that he/she gets help as soon as possible. Most people already know of alcohol rehab centers. Apart from rehab centers, what other treatment options do alcohol addicts have?

It’s important to understand the extent of addiction of your loved one to determine the right rehab option to go for. This means understanding what led to the addiction, how severe it is and its effects on your loved one and other family members.

When a person is suffering from alcoholism, he/she will slowly start to lose grip on his family, friends, health, work and self-being. The only way you can save your loved one from sinking deeper into alcoholism is by finding the right rehab program. One of the ways of convincing an addict to enroll into a treatment program is by involving people that are close to him/her, for example, family members and friends. When an addict joins a treatment program, this is usually the first step in a series of decisions he/she will have to make to lead a healthier life.

Nearly all major cities have multiple alcohol rehab centers. Some of the well-known centers have successfully helped alcohol abusers regain their lives through enrolling them in various programs. Inpatient and outpatient treatments are the most common programs available at alcohol rehab centers.

Below is an overview of the rehab program options you can select for your loved one.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program

With an in-patient program, the patient stays in a residential rehab facility. You can either choose an institution that is in or out of state. Ideally, you want a facility that is far enough for the patient to be completely anonymous and the treatment to be confidential.

At most treatment centers that offer inpatient programs, addicts are taken through a 28 to 30 days program. These rehab centers serve both adults and adolescent patients.

Outpatient Programs

Like the name suggests, day or outpatient programs do not require patients to stay in the rehab facility 24/7 for their treatment. The programs usually require patients to commit to attending a specific number of treatment hours at the facility. The programs also involve the family members of the patient in the rehabilitation exercise.

Some of the benefits of enrolling your loved one into an outpatient program is that he/she will get access to proven treatment, expert medical staff, professional counsellors, and modern facilities. The centers also provide comfort, assurance and security of anonymous treatment.

Continuing Care

Like the name suggests, ongoing treatments are offered on a continuous basis. If your loved one was severely addicted to alcohol, this program will be critical in aiding his or her recovery.

With continuing care, your loved one is likely to overcome the addiction habit and get to full recovery.

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