What to Expect When You Go to Rehab

It is becoming very common for people to check themselves into a holistic rehab for help with their drug or alcohol dependency issues. Unfortunately, there


What to Expect When You Go to Rehab

It is becoming very common for people to check themselves into a holistic rehab for help with their drug or alcohol dependency issues. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not go to rehab for the simple reason that they are afraid of what will await them when they go there.

This fear of the unknown has led to many people dying who could have otherwise been helped if they had gone to rehab in the first place. Do you have a drug or alcohol addiction that you are desperately trying to overcome? If this is the case, you might have some of the same fears and apprehension about the rehab process.

This is why it is so important for you to educate yourself about everything the rehab process entails. Having this understanding will make you realize that you have nothing to fear. Here are the common experiences you will encounter when you go to rehab.

1. New patients at rehab facilities are required to submit to a search before being allowed to enter the building.

One of the things that the staff members of rehab facilities need to look out for is new patients smuggling drugs or alcohol in with them. Therefore, all new patients will have their bags searched. Some facilities also require new patients to submit to a body cavity search. You can call the facility to find out the specific procedures that new patients will be subjected to when they are checking in.

2. You will have a room assigned to you by the staff.

The next thing that you will happen after you are searched is being assigned to a room. This process differs depending on where you are receiving holistic treatment for substance abuse. There are some rehab facilities that have no problem allowing patients to have their own rooms. However, you will find that facilities that have this policy are generally more expensive than other places.

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You will more than likely have a roommate that you will be staying with for your entire time at the rehab facility. This is something you might not be comfortable with. If so, you should get in touch with the facility just to make sure you are clear about their policy regarding roommates.

3. You must go through the detox process.

Detox is very hard for many people because of the pain they experience. All of the drugs or alcohol that you have been using needs to be out of your system before you can officially be admitted into the rehab facility. A doctor will be monitoring you while you are detoxing.

Some people have very serious medical conditions develop during the detox process. In some cases, patients need to be taken to a hospital because their condition is too serious for the rehab facility staff to deal with.

4. You will meet with your counselor when detox is concluded.

Every rehab facility has several counselors who work closely with all of the patients during their stay. You will be assigned to one of these people. This person will be the one you go to if you have any problems while you are in rehab.

You will also have many sessions with your counselor. You will discuss all of the various aspects of your addiction problem. Your counselor will try to help you understand why you are abusing drugs or alcohol. He or she will then try to devise a strategy that has the best chance of getting you to quit using these substances once and for all.

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The number of times that you meet with your counselor will depend on your particular situation. Your counselor might decide that your case is more serious than some of the other patients. Therefore, he or she might want to meet with you more than usual.

5. You will be told to attend group therapy sessions throughout the duration of your treatment.

Group therapy is a treatment method that is commonly used in all rehab facilities. All of the patients will gather at the same time for mandatory sessions. One of the counselors will lead the session by asking various questions to the patients.

It is at these sessions that you will be able to learn a lot about the people who are attending rehab with you. Each person will have a chance to discuss their addiction and reveal what exactly caused them to enter rehab. It is at these group therapy sessions that many lasting bonds are formed between patients.


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