Celebrate the Halloween Season with the Vampire Makeup

Celebrate the Halloween Season with the Vampire Makeup
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Thanks to movies such as Twilight, vampire makeup became a huge hit across all types of people, from men to women, as well as children to adults. The good thing is although they are scary, they are also fun to wear, especially during the Halloween.

Vampire Makeup Tips

So how do you do the vampire makeup? It all begins with plenty of vampire makeup ideas. For the men, do you like to be the traditional vampire, more like Count Dracula? Then you need to have a slicked-back hair along with your makeup. You can also wear the vampire makeup Twilight, which focuses heavily on the use of too much foundation to give the sense of lack of life on the face.

A vampire makeup for women would be something like Morticia’s, with her long black hair, pale skin, highly emphasized eyes, arched eyebrows, and very red lips. Yes, you can get away with the fangs if you like for your female vampire makeup.

Of course, the children would also love to don on the vampire costume, and they can also wear the vampire makeup for kids. There’s no general distinction on the look you want to create. Remember, Halloween is one of the best times to be outrageous.

How to Apply Vampire Makeup

Here’s a short tutorial on how to apply the vampire makeup. First, you need to apply a primer before you put on the foundation. The primer will make sure that the makeup will last for a very long time. This is especially necessary since trick-or-treating or Halloween parties can go on until the wee hours of the morning. You also need to hide those blemishes and spots with concealers. Surely you haven’t seen any vamps with freckes, have you?

When you have already prepared your face, you can then get on to the smaller details. For the lips, you want them to be bloody red, even for the males. Fangs can do wonders since they can literally bring out the vampire in you, but you can also be more subtle by creating just trickles of blood off the lips. Don’t forget to line the lips with the lip pencil to avoid bleeding.

Then you need to bring your attention to the eyes. This is the time you can bring out the goth. Put on a lot of blackness. Use very dark eyeliners and apply several coats of mascaras. Opt for darker shades for the eyeshadows. Make sure you can apply the eyeliner on both the top and bottom portion of the eyelids.

A golden rule when you want to make use of the vampire makeup: don’t put on a blush-on. However, you can add some dark shadows on the face just to give the impression that the vampire has just recently risen from the grave.

Have More Ideas on How to Do the Vampire Makeup

It will definitely be a lot of fun for your little girl or boy if you can take a look at pictures of vampire makeup together. You can do so by going online. Search engines have already stored thousands of photos, and you can just print them and copy the style. You may also be able to find a kit that already contains all your vampire makeup needs.

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