The Wonders of Using Mineral Face Makeup

The Wonders of Using Mineral Face Makeup
Posted by Ameera

Millions of women now have discovered the many benefits of using mineral face makeup. This number is steadily growing and mineral makeups seem to be here to stay for good. These days, there are now an overwhelming number of natural mineral cosmetics these days. They come in all shades, brands and types, there is one that will definitely be best for you!

Mineral makeups are made up of pure minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that is finely ground and crushed. They do not contain talc, dyes, perfume, alcohol or oil that can irritate your skin. Because mineral face makeups contain nothing but only the purest minerals, it is ideal for all skin tones, skin types and for women of all ages.

Why use mineral based makeup?

Minerals makeup are popular mainly because they are perfectly natural and is good for the skin. It gives your skin a fine, youthful and natural glow without the heavy made up look. It even makes you feel as if you are not wearing makeup at all. A good mineral face powder covers your blemishes and imperfections perfectly, but at the same time allows your facial skin to breathe as it should. Last but not the least, it contains natural sun protection factor to shield your face from the sun’s harmful rays. This sounds like we are advertising, but we can not stress further how amazing these wondrous mineral face makeups are!

What is the best mineral makeup?

Needless to say, choosing from among the overwhelming mineral face makeup and cosmetic lines is difficult. We are talking about cosmetics that have just about the same properties only with different brands. However, it is best to go for makeup brand lines that have established themselves to be authorities in the cosmetic genre and in mineral face makeup.

It is best to look through mineral makeup reviews for each brand that you are considering. There is no other way for you to find out whether or not a product is great but to look for feedbacks from those who have used the product. There are a number of reviews that you can search online, and they can give you a good idea as to which mineral face makeup will best suit you.

Mineral Makeup Leading Brands

In terms of brands, there are two popular “biggies” in this field namely:

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals – This is perhaps the best known of all mineral face makeup brand lines. Most mineral makeup users usually start with bareMinerals. This brand has had maximum advertising exposure and has launched long running infomercial campaigns.

Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup – This is made famous by Leeza Gibbons through an infomercial, and is considered to be next in line with Bare Essentials. Many mineral users prefer the matte finish of Sheer Cover than bare Mineral’s “glow”.

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