Impress the Groom and Guests with Your Wedding Makeup

Impress the Groom and Guests with Your Wedding Makeup
Posted by Ameera

How important is your wedding makeup? As a bride, you just want to make things perfect. After all, it’s your big day. You could have been waiting for it for years or since you were a child.

Now just imagine if your makeup during the wedding looked horrendous. Instead of people remembering the wedding itself-and the romance and love the filled the air-they would never forget how you looked like. They would chuckle and laugh, and you know this is all for the wrong reasons.

Thus, you need to listen to wedding makeup tips, and there are a bunch of them:

Gather wedding makeup ideas.

Include in your preparations wedding makeup. Unless you already have the look you want to achieve, you have to make a very thorough research. The good thing is plenty of sources are available for you.

Usually, you just have to go online or purchase bridal magazines. They already have pictures of celebrities that you wish to copy or looks that would hopefully inspire you. Moreover, you can be more novel with your approach by opting for the newer makeup styles. Make sure you can take the time brainstorming your wedding look. Again, there should be no room for mistakes.

Take note of the eyes.

If you want a good trick on how to determine the best makeup for you, all you have to do is to look at the eyes. The eye makeup should bring out the color of the eyes, even if your face is under a thin veil or a large hat. Keep in mind your groom will be looking straight into you, and you want him to know he married a gorgeous girl.

What colors would do well? It depends on the eye color. If you have brown eyes, then you do have plenty of choices trivabet. You can opt for the neutral shades including brown or you can be more adventurous by having purple or plum.

Keep the smokey eye to the minimum.

A lot of women would like to be an Asian. Perhaps they just love the Indian wedding makeup, which is characterized by the use of smokey or more dramatic eyes. Unless this is the theme of the wedding, it’s best to keep the wedding makeup to a minimum. Settle for a more natural look. You want to appear fresh and clean during your wedding day.

Hire a wedding makeup professional.

It’s not really a good idea to rely on yourself for your bridal wedding make up. You have a lot of better things to do. Rather, get the best makeup artist you can ever find. He or she would normally recommend a makeup test to determine the most ideal look that would go with your face, eye color, and even your hair and wedding gown.

Think of the wedding makeup and hair.

Besides the wedding makeup itself, you also have to consider the hairstyle you want. It’s good if you have long hair, since it’s easy for you or your stylist to play around. However, if you have short hair, you can make it glamorous by putting on some glittering clips or a flower.

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