Witch Makeup Ideas: There Are a Lot

If you think that the only witch idea you’ll ever come up with is one of an old grumpy lady with wrinkled skin, then yours


Witch Makeup Ideas: There Are a Lot

If you think that the only witch idea you’ll ever come up with is one of an old grumpy lady with wrinkled skin, then yours is very limited-there are dozens of witch makeup ideas you can actually come up with! What’s more, not all of them have to be very scary.

You can find women and kids donning on playful, wholesome, and funny witch costumes. Just in case you don’t have a lot of ideas to begin with, the following tips may be helpful.

Halloween Witch makeup Ideas

So what are the possible witch makeup ideas? You can have the nasty scary witch, which became very popular in the story of Oz. To create the look, you need to apply green base all over your face. Put on a very dark red lipstick then line the eyes with very dark eyeliner. Top it off with several coats of black mascara.

Don’t worry about putting any eyeshadow, though if you really want to a combination of pink, red, and blue or purple will do the trick. Don’t use any concealer as you want to show off those skin spots.

Sometimes you don’t want to be ugly. So you better have the pretty witch makeup. It’s a direct contrast of the scary witch. You want to be very alluring, sexy, and captivating, in the hopes that someone will take the bait and fall under your spell. Imagine the beautiful stepmother of Snow White.

You can wear smokey eyes with shades that would complement that color of your eyes. Apply a lip pencil then put on a cherry red lipstick. You can add some pretty pink or red tints on the cheeks. Create high-arched thin brows.

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Do you know that kids can be gothic? Contrary to popular belief, you can actually add a fun element to the whole gothic look. The children can have very dark eye makeup; but you can put some butterflies, glitters, or swirls on the end of the eyelids or on the corner of the eyes.

How to Do Witch Makeup

A lot of guidelines are already available online. You can print them, so it’s easy for you to read and follow the steps. Usually, however, a lot of attention is being given to the face. If you want to depict your old age, then you may have to depend on painting besides using your makeup.

You can also further enhance the look by adding accessories. For instance, if you want to have longer lashes, you can attach some eyelash extensions.

Since you will be relying on heavy makeup to achieve the look you want, you better make sure that the brand you use is ideal for your skin type. You don’t want to look realistically ugly because of acne breakouts or skin allergies. Consider a skin patch at least 2 days before the actual affair to see if you’ll develop any reaction.

Find More Witch Makeup Ideas

Though you can always be inspired by the many witches make up photos and videos that are already in the World Wide Web, you can still make something your own. You can be inspired by what you see; then create something beautiful or cute. Add your own twist. This way, you’ll be your own witch.

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