5 Warning Signs or Symptoms of Heart Attack

Accumulation of fat is known as plaque. This plaque stops the flow of blood to heart muscles. In turn person experience heart attack.

Before heart attack person experiences some signs that body alarms. Some common are chest discomfort, fatigue, problem in breathing or many other.

Causes of Heart Attack

There are many causes that actually are responsible for heart attack. Here are some.

  • Blockage in coronary arteries
  • Damage of heart muscles
  • Shut down of blood flow due to spasm of coronary arteries.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

Heart attack signs are different in both man and woman. As the heart attack can be harmful, it is very important to consider some signs that body provides before attack occurrence. American Heart Association (AHA) had listed 5 important signs that are vital to know that attack is coming.

Men face heart attack above 45 and women experience heart attack at age of above 55.

Chest Pain

This is the common symptom that man and woman both experience. Chest discomfort, pain, burning and pressure are some of common chest symptoms. Discomfort is light or severe and lasts longer to few minutes.

Pain in Other Parts of The Body

Pain in arm, jaw, neck or back is another symptom because arm or jaw nerve are connected to coronary nerve.

Less Breathing

Shortness of breath is common alarming signs that comes with chest discomfort or not. Women have more this heart failure sign than men.

Nausea or Vomiting

Women experience nausea or vomiting more than men. If you feel nausea or vomiting these can be indication of panic attack, anxiety, heartburn, or indigestion rather than heart attack. Don’t be panic and consult to the doctor if it is turned into disease.


Can you step up stairs two time before in one time and now climbing once is impossible? Now this is time of cardiac evaluation.

Other Signs are

  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Cold Sweating
  • Baldness in men.