How to Apply Prom Makeup

How to Apply Prom Makeup
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The prom is the biggest event in the life of most teenagers. There is nothing that will make your whole teenage life more fabulous than the best prom make up matched with the best dress, shoes and hair style during that very special night.

Makeup Ideas for Prom: Where to Get Them

If you are one of the many who are cramming for prom make up ideas to make you look like a prom queen, don’t worry just yet. There are a wide range of prom makeup styles to choose from. You just need to make sure that you practice your hair and makeup for the prom a few days before. You can also print out your favorite look then bring it to your makeup counter for application ideas. Browse through magazine and find out what sort of look is in style for the prom season. There is nothing wrong with trying out a celebrity look. Do not give in to the pressure, but have fun instead!

Prom Make Up Tips

Here are some tips and tricks on how to do prom make up and how to apply it well:

  • The key to good prom make up is choosing the best foundation. Make sure that you apply one that perfectly matches your skin tone and complexion. If you have blemishes or dark eye circles, dab a concealer lightly then blend it well with your foundation. A perfect skin tone and a flawless-looking face is most important to achieve.
  • Apply blush as it will surely give you a fabulous flushed look. Do not put too much, you would want an impression of a natural glow. Rosy colored blush are best for cool complexions while bronzed blushes are best for warm ones.
  • Choose between the eye and the mouth. Do not overdo your makeup by highlighting both of them; this is one of the most important points in prom makeup application. Never make the mistake of putting a lot of eyeshadow and wearing deep-colored lipstick.
  • Use lip gloss – the prom season is mostly about shine. You can bring out your lips by lining them first then filling with creamy lipstick and topping with a glossy lipstick for a stunning look.

Prom Eye Makeup: How to Do Your Eye Makeup for Prom

If you choose to highlight your eyes, go gentle and mild on your lips. You can use three complimenting colors on your eyes and blend everything well Joker Slot. Line your eyes by using an eyeliner pencil by drawing a single line above your upper lash line and a thin layer of liquid eyeliner under your lower lashes. Go all out with your mascara as well. Feel free to use false eyelashes, but make sure you get one that is not too obnoxious for your look.

The prom is the right time to be adventurous with your style and to try out a new look. Try not to depart so much from your normal look, though. Remember that there is no prom make up that is better than one that enhances your innate beauty.

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