Take a Pick among the Many Make Up Styles

Who says you have to look so boring when there are countless make up styles you can follow? It’s just a matter of knowing which one will look good on you on certain occasions and on a number of factors.

Make Up Styles for the Eyes

Why are the eyes given more emphasis than the other parts of the face? The eyes can tell a lot of story, and depending on how you apply the makeup, you can also let them convey their own set of emotion. Your eyes are actually very beautiful, and you want to make sure they don’t get hidden underneath the lashes and the eyelids.

Most of all, the colors of the eye makeup don’t overpower them. The eyes can enhance your look immediately. You can go nude with your lipstick or just a small pink tint on your cheeks, but you can easily become sultry and sexy if you have dark, smokey eyes.

How do you choose the best eye make up styles? That really depends on a number of factors, the first of which is the color of your eyes. There are plenty of make up styles for brown eyes simply because there are more people with brown eyes. You can choose purple or champagne.

It’s even possible to still settle for the brown shades, but you need to adjust the color according to the intensity of the brownness. On the other hand, if you have blue eyes, you want to remove the coldness of the color, so you opt for something orange, the color at the other end of the spectrum.

More Different Make Up Styles

The make up styles can also depend on the occasion. One of the most recommended bridal makeup tips is to keep your natural look on your wedding day. You want to appear as fresh and simple as possible when you walk down the aisle. You can also apply makeup according to seasons. The frosty look is ideal during Christmastime while the gothic makeup style is a hit at Halloween.

You can also be inspired by the Bollywood makeup, which relies heavily on black eyeliners and mascaras. There are also times when cute makeup can be applied. For example, you can add some glitters at the inner corners of your eyelids to give your eyes some glimmer.

A number of gothic makeup diehards are already including swirls by extending the eyeliners outside the eyelids. You can also complement your makeup style with that of your hair. You also have to base your makeup on the time of day you’re planning to wear it.

It’s unusual to put on a very heavy makeup when you’re reporting for office or just going out for a casual walk or date. On the other hand, you may have to put on more makeup at nighttime, since the absence of more light may make lighter makeup almost useless.

Where to Get More Make Up Styles

The make up styles 2010 and new make up styles are actually available everywhere. Your best bet will be to search for them online. There you can find dozens of photos that you can download and print, as well as videos you can watch anytime.